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Our digital PR team will work with you to produce an idea suitable for journalists in your industry. Whether that be a quote directly from you, an interesting piece of data, an infographic, or a piece of content which provides value to the publication's readers.



Our professional copywriters will produce the digital content ready to be sent out to journalists who regularly write about your industry.



The PR world can be tricky to navigate. We will use software to send out digital PR campaigns. Journalists and media outlets are hand-picked by our team specific to your business for maximum effectiveness.



Thanks to our creative ideas, and PR strategy, we pride ourselves on having a strike rate to be envious of with the Australian media. Through our strategic PR campaigns we seek to land our specially produced content on high authority digital media websites.

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Real digital PR campaigns


As a new e-commerce brand fresh into the market. DealSeeker needed digital PR to bolster their SEO efforts. With a growing digital presence through a well designed website, DealSeeker’s traffic was growing by 15% each month on average. After 3 months of digital PR with SEEN, traffic began to grow at 40% month on month. In the e-commerce digital landscape, brands not only need to fight for stronger site traffic, but also stronger brand awareness.

Complete Conveyancing Solutions

As a well established conveyancer in Victoria, Complete Conveyancing Solutions (CCS) competes with some of the biggest real estate and property websites in Australia. With a defined target audience, CCS undertook a solid content marketing strategy in order to improve their SEO efforts and reach their customers. SEEN has been able to implement a digital PR program, gaining CCS media attention and tier-1 backlinks, which have maximised their SEO efforts.

Bondi Vet

One of the largest Pet brands in Australia, Bondi Vet is a house-hold name. The brand recently launched into the e-commerce space, and sharpened their focus on SEO and wider digital marketing. Bondi Vet requires a digital PR agency to assist with getting their brand mentioned in the media, to not only raise brand awareness of their new e-commerce store but to also land high quality, top tier backlinks to greaten their SEO.

Shades By You

As a premium yet affordable DIY blinds and curtains supplier, Shades By You’s core focus is on helping Australia get quality blinds at affordable prices. SEEN worked on a wider content marketing strategy for Shades By You, and worked it into a targeted digital PR strategy. A combination of creative content and outreach campaigns landed Shades By You on some of biggest media outlets, through brand mentions and social media channels.


A digital PR agency that understands SEO

A digital PR team that can help bolster your content strategy

The online world, and in particular Google, is a competitive space for businesses of all sizes. Digital real estate is important in order for businesses to be as visible as possible when potential customers are searching for their goods and services.

Traditional channels such as print media do not offer businesses the level of performance data tracking, or the tangible brand and domain authority that comes with digital PR. If you are already working hard on your website's SEO, then SEEN can help to maximise your efforts.


SEEN helped us at DealSeeker in a big way. We had just launched a new e-commerce brand into a market full of established big players. We were trying search engines digital channels such as Google Ads, as well as pushing our own SEO. With SEEN we were able to land some valuable news stories on high authority online sources, which definitely helped us drive traffic to the site on a much bigger scale.

Jack, DealSeeker


Will digital PR get my business more qualified leads?

Digital PR can certainly help in the process of getting your business more qualified leads. Backlink acquisition is an essential part of the process of getting seen in search engines such as Google. At SEEN, we help businesses acquire high authority backlinks from reputable Australian publications. High authority backlinks are a major part of any SEO campaign. A successful SEO campaign will provide your website exposure to a greater audience through higher volumes of online traffic, which can lead to more leads, clients and sales.

What is the difference between traditional PR and digital PR?

Traditional PR strategies refer more to the typical public relations utilising conventional channels such as TV, radio, letter drops, billboards, newspapers and magazines. Traditional PR channels can be hard to track due to a lack of data collection. For this reason it can be hard for businesses to know if they are getting a return on investment from their traditional PR. Unlike traditional PR, digital PR is all online-based, meaning that data can be tracked using tools such as Google Analytics, which offers website traffic and events tracking. Digital PR occurs in the digital world, meaning brand mentions and features all occur on publications which are online.

What makes a successful outreach campaign?

This can be achieved in many ways. Our team of creatives, copywriters, SEO specialists and data nerds first work together with you, the client, to understand your business and your industry. Understanding your industry's current landscape, and it's place in the current news can aid in the process of creating a successful campaign. Sometimes, something as simple as a quote from the owner which provides real value to a current topic can turn into the most effective campaign and deliver results.

Does SEEN offer crisis management services?

No, SEEN does not offer this. SEEN is a digital PR agency which provides businesses with online media publication mentions & high tier backlinks. Our service can also be used to improve brand awareness of your business.

What is the difference between using digital PR agencies & paying for backlinks?

Services which offer a pay-for-backlinks model usually do not comply with white-hat tactics. Pay-for-backlink services will often not let their clients choose the types of websites the backlink comes from, and the types of websites that they come from are often blogs which may neither pose any real relevancy to your site, and/or be of low authority with minimal audience. Digital PR agencies like SEEN use a strategic campaign, designed for delivery to journalists to generate high quality backlinks.

Can I choose the type of messaging you send to the media?

Yes, we love to collaborate with our clients on digital PR strategies. Often the best ideas come from when we work together. Once we have the idea, our team can get to work on formatting it in the most valuable way possible that will provide unique value to the media's online target audience.

Can SEEN improve my social media audience and following?

No, SEEN does not actively offer any social media services. However our clients are more than welcome to re-post any mentions or features from publications to their social media audience.

Will digital PR improve my SEO on it's own?

There is a chance that it may do so. However all great SEO programs require sound technical optimisation, high quality unique content produced to provide your users value, as well as the backlink acquisiton side of things. Every quality SEO program should be backed by thorough research and ever accumulating data. If you would like an audit of your site's technical optimisation, current content and overall SEO, please get in touch with us and we can help you.

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