Digital PR Agency for the Fashion Industry

SEEN offers specialised PR services for the fashion industry to help brands raise awareness and promote their brand through effective communication strategies, compelling content, and engagement with media and industry influencers to build stronger connections.


Making a Statement: Our Expertise in the Fashion Industry

SEEN has been in the Digital PR and SEO industries for over 7 years. We have worked with many Fashion brands to increase their visibility in the Australian media, and in turn boosting their SEO and website traffic. 

Why is PR important for fashion brands?

PR is important for fashion brands as it helps to raise awareness and promote their brand to a wider audience. Without effective PR, fashion brands can struggle to communicate their message and reach new customers, partners and influencers. PR can also help fashion brands build trust and credibility with their target audience, and create a positive perception of their brand. By effectively managing communication efforts, reaching new audiences, and building stronger connections with industry influencers, fashion brands can increase sales, attract new partners, and ultimately, make a greater impact on the business bottom-line.

PR Process

Our Digital PR Process for Fashion Brands



SEEN conducts research on journalists and media who are interested in and regularly write about fashion. We use a variety of tools to search for articles and stories related to fashion. These tools allow us to search by keyword, journalist, and publication, making it easy to find relevant journalists and media outlets for your business.



Based on the journalist and media research conducted, the experienced team at SEEN start to formulate ideas for what we call 'PR Magnets', which are highly valuable and unique items of content that can be produced and placed on the clients website. These PR Magnets are then used in our outreach pitches to journalists and media. For the Fashion industry, we also push heavy influencer tactics to promote trends, new clothing lines and products, and brand messaging.



The outreach team at SEEN are masters in the art of the Email pitch. We craft well-written and personalised email pitches to journalists and media. We provide clear and compelling insights into the PR Magnet we have produced and are pitching. We also use other tactics such as social media (especially important for influencer outreach), and phone calls to cut-through to relevant media.



From years of experience, our team have demonstrate excellent cut-through rates from pitch to publication. We have gotten our clients published in some of Australia's biggest media publications, including national news sites, as well as major niche-specific sites. We provide reporting on the journalists and publications that use our pitch in their articles, and link back to your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can a fashion brand identify and target the right journalists and media outlets for their PR efforts?

Identifying and targeting the right journalists and media outlets for PR efforts is crucial for a fashion brand to effectively communicate its message and reach its target audience. Luckily, SEEN does the research for you. We have years of experience in utilising a variety of tools that help us to identify journalists and media publications who are interested in, and regularly talk about Fashion, who would be perfect candidates for PR outreach for your brand.

What are the advantages of hiring a PR agency to handle PR efforts for a fashion brand?

Hiring a PR agency to handle PR efforts for a fashion brand has several advantages, including:

  1. Expertise and experience in the industry: PR agencies have a deep understanding of the fashion industry and are well-versed in the latest trends and best practices.

  2. Established media connections: PR agencies have existing relationships with key media outlets and influencers, making it easier to secure coverage for the brand.

  3. Strategic planning and execution: PR agencies can help develop a comprehensive PR strategy that aligns with the brand's overall marketing goals and execute it effectively.

  4. Cost-effectiveness: Hiring a PR agency can be more cost-effective than building and maintaining an in-house PR team.

  5. Objectivity: PR agencies can provide an outside perspective and can help to identify and address potential issues that may not be immediately obvious to the brand.

Will doing digital PR help increase traffic and sales through my Fashion brand's website?

It certainly can. 

When a product or brand is advertised/promoted by social media influencers, an influx of traffic is usually expected to that website - the scale of this dependent on the influencer's following, as well as relevance of the product to their audience.

Digital PR can also help improve a fashion website's SEO in several ways:

  1. Backlinks: Digital PR can help a fashion website secure backlinks from high-authority websites, which can boost its SEO by increasing its domain authority and search engine rankings.

  2. Brand mentions: When a fashion website's brand is mentioned on other websites, it can help to increase its visibility and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

  3. Social media signals: Digital PR efforts that result in increased social media engagement (likes, shares, etc.) can send positive signals to search engines that the website is valuable and relevant.

  4. Increased traffic: Digital PR efforts can drive more traffic to a fashion website, which can help to improve its SEO by demonstrating to search engines that it has a large and engaged audience.

  5. Content creation: Digital PR efforts can help a fashion website create content that is optimized for SEO, such as blog posts, infographics and videos, which can help to improve its visibility in search engine results.

It's important to note that SEO is a complex and ever-changing landscape, and while digital PR can certainly help, it's not a magic bullet and other SEO strategies should be implemented as well.